NATO's Attention Towards Afghan Conflict

NATO leaders to turn their attentions to the conflict in Afghanistan, on the second day of a summit so far dominated by demands from President Donald Trump.

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani will be present for the second day of talks, and NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg hopes the bloc will agree to fund afghan security forces until 2024.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresamay has already confirmed that the UK Will send 440 more troops to serve in non-combat roles in Afghanistan.

The US also committed an extra 3,000 troops to support afghan forces in September 2017 - bringing its total to 15,000.

The leaders of the other 28 members of the NATO alliance are hoping for a show of unity despite stark transatlantic tensions on a host of issues, most notably trump’s repeated invective against Europe over defense spending.