PM To Chair Security Meeting In Peshawar On Thursday

Prime Minister Nasir ul Mulak will visit Peshawar tomorrow to discuss the security situation in the province.

Interior Minister Azam Khan speaking in the Senate said a meeting of the apex committee has been called in Peshawar tomorrow.

He said the Prime Minister and other security agencies will attend the meeting to decide a future course of action to ensure security of the people of Pakistan.

Azam Khan said national counter terrorism authority has also convened a meeting with political leaders to discuss the security measures.

He said the political leaders should also ensure implementation of code of conduct issued by the election commission of Pakistan.

Expressing grief over the martyrdom of ANP leader Haroon Bilaur in yesterday’s terrorist attack, he said Mr Bilaur was invited by some people for a tea party at 11 p.m. Where the suicide bomber blew himself up and killed several others as well.