Thailand Sunken Boat Rescue Update

Recent rain storms and high winds have made it increasingly difficult for divers to search for the five remaining missing passengers from Thursday's capsized boat incident of the coast of Thailand's island of Phuket.

Thus far, out of the 89 original passengers on the phoenix, 42 chinese tourists have been confirmed dead, 42 have been safely rescued and five are still unaccounted for. Nearly all the bodies of the victims have been retrieved from the water except for one that is still pressed between the sunken wreckage of the ship.

The rescue team, involving over 800 people from both Thailand and China, has been racing against the clock to search for the missing passengers, enlisting the aid of helicopters and ships to bolster the rescue effort.

The next phase of the rescue operation will involve uprighting the hull of the sunken boat and searching for the missing members of the crew.