Heavy Syrian Bombardment Killed At Least 94 Civilians And Injured Over 300 In Rebel-held Eastern Ghouta

Heavy Syrian bombardment killed at least 94 civilians and injured over 300 in rebel-held eastern Ghouta as regime forces appeared to prepare for an imminent ground assault.

The escalation came as pro-government forces were also expected to enter the northern Kurdish-controlled enclave of Afrin.

Held by rebels since 2012, eastern Ghouta is the last opposition pocket around Damascus and President Bashar al-Assad has dispatched reinforcements there in an apparent concerted effort to retake it.

As the United Nations decried the "senseless human suffering", a barrage of air strikes, rocket fire and artillery slammed into several towns across eastern Ghouta.

The Britain-based Syrian observatory for human rights said at least 20 children were among killed in the assault, while around 300 other people were wounded.

The main opposition national coalition, which is based in turkey, denounced the "war of extermination" in eastern Ghouta as well as the "international silence".

In a statement, it also accused regime ally Russia of seeking to "bury the political process" for a solution to the conflict.