China Rejects Speculations Of Military Base In Gwadar

Up to hundred migrants were missing after their makeshift boat sank in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya.

According to reports, the inflatable boat was carrying more than 100 people when it went down, rescuers had saved just 17 people, including some women.

Survivors clung to the vessel for hours before help arrived.

The boat sank off the city of khoms, around 100 kilometres east of the Libyan capital.

In another incident, the Libyan Navy said it had also rescued 267 migrants of various African nationalities, off Zawiya to the West of Tripoli.

Women and 17 children were among those rescued.

Over the weekend, 10 migrants died and dozens of others, including children, went missing off the Libyan coast.

According to the international organization for migration, last year alone, 3,116 people died attempting the crossing, including 2,833 from Libya.