Sit-in Portraying Negative Image Of Country: S. Yousuf

The sit-in in Islamabad is portraying a negative image of country to the outside world and the government never intended to make any law contrary to Quran and Sunnah.

This was said by the Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf while addressing a joint news conference with Federal Ministers Talal Chaudhry and Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry in Islamabad.

Sardar Yousuf said, the government took note of the mistake in oath and immediately removed it.

He said, all Muslims believe in finality of prophet hood and if somebody has any doubt in law should contact the government.

The minister said, the ongoing sit-in is causing immense problems to the general public of twin cities.

He appealed the Dharana leaders to engage in negotiations to resolve the matter.

Speaking on the occasion, State Minister Talal Chaudhry said, the government will exert all efforts to resolve the matter through negotiations.

He said, the protestors presented twelve demands which were against law and constitution.

Talal Chaudhry said, the participants of sit-in made commitment with the government to not to block roads and cause inconvenience to the people.

The minister said, the government has also filed eight cases in different incidents took place due to the sit-in.

He said, the law minister is playing a pivotal role in restoration of 17-b,c and termed the demand by sit-in participants for his resignation as unjustified.

The minister said, the matter pertaining to mistake in law on finality of prophet hood is still under probe adding that the preliminary report suggests nobody's involvement and the responsibility will be fixed after completion of the investigation.