PM Vows To Uplift Economy

Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to economically uplift the country by bolstering exports and attracting the Foreign Investment.

He was addressing a tripartite signing ceremony between MSD tire and Rubber Company, Doublestar China and Dawood Pakistan Express Bus Service Limited in Islamabad Today.

The Prime Minister said this agreement signed Today between Pakistani and Chinese Companies is aimed at local production of tires. He said this will not only help us reduce the import bill but export of tires will build up our foreign exchange reserves.

The Prime Minister welcomed the Chinese Investment in different sectors and said Pakistan will encourage more Chinese investment by providing them an enabling environment.

Imran Khan said the Country's Economy has been stabilized as a result of measures taken by the present government. He said the current account deficit has been curtailed and the rupee has also stabilized. The positive sentiments are now also visible in the stock market.

The Prime Minister said world institutions including the IMF, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have also endorsed that the country is heading in the right direction.

Imran Khan, however, stressed that our next challenge is to provide job opportunities to the youth by bringing in the investment. For this, he said we will fully facilitate the investors.