PSX Ends Down

The downward trend continued at Pakistan Stock Exchange for second consecutive session.

Indices drove south since the opening bell rang, while volumes improved further. Foreign investors continued to offload stocks worth U.S. 2.60 million dollars today.

As per news reports, government has approved a proposal for acquiring a 1 billion dollar crisis response loan from Asian Development Bank to build country’s foreign exchange reserves, paving the way for its approval by the lending agency in November.

The KSE 100 index benchmark touched its intraday low of 31,272.06 after losing 293.15 points. The index settled lower by 131.32 points at 31,433.89. Losing 214.40 points, the k.m.i-30 index closed at 49,906.87. While, the K.S.E all share index fell short by 25.11 points ending day at 23,083.25.