Israeli Assault On Gaza 103 Palestinians Martyred In Past 24 Hours

The barbaric bombardment of Israeli forces continued throughout the night and in the early morning on the northern area of Gaza.

103 Palestinians were martyred and hundreds were injured in massive bombing.

According to the Palestinian ministry of health, dozens of houses were destroyed by the barbaric bombardment throughout the night and many people were buried under the rubble.

24 Palestinians were martyred and dozens were injured by the Israeli Army's bombing of homeless Palestinians in Deir al-Balah area of Gaza.

The number of Palestinians martyred in Israeli attacks since October 7 has reached 29,606, in which the majority are women and children.

Raids also continued throughout the night in various areas of the west bank.

The occupying forces arrested many Palestinians during house-to-house searches.

There were also clashes between youths and the Israeli Army in Nablus, al-Khalil and Tulkarm.

The Israeli Army demolished many houses and schools.

The United Nations organization Unra has warned that the Israeli attacks and the obstruction of the arrival of foreign aid cannot distribute aid in northern Gaza.

Local sources said that displaced people are starving and fighting with each other to get water and flour.