Remembering Josh Malihabadi

The death anniversary of great revolutionary Poet Josh Malihabadi is being observed today.

He was born as Shabbir Hasan Khan on December 5, 1894 and died as Shair-e-Inqilab and Shair-e-Shabab on February 22, 1982.

Josh Malihabadi is reputed to have had a masterful command over Urdu and was quite strict about respecting the grammar and rules of the language. The first collection of his poetry was published in 1921.

He was not only a poet but also an intellectual and prolific writer as he wrote about religion, history and politics as well. He fought for the independence of the Indian Sub-Continent with his pen. A number of his poems were written against the British rule.

He is remembered as the greatest revolutionary poet of the pre-independence era. Some of his poems were broadcast by German Radio during the Second World War. He was awarded the highest Indian Medal, ‘Padma Bhoshan’ in 1954.