Israeli War On Gaza: 118 More Martyred In Past 24 Hours

Israeli offensive has claimed 118 more lives during past 24 hours in besieged Gaza.

Now the death toll stands at 29,313 with 69,333 people left injured since October 7.

Heavy fighting rocked besieged Gaza as aid agencies warned of looming famine, a day after a un security council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire was blocked by a us veto.

Washington, which argued the resolution would have imperilled ongoing efforts to free hostages, sent top White House Official Brett Mcgurk to Cairo for renewed talks involving mediators and Hamas.

Global concern has spiralled over the high civilian death toll and dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israeli strikes and chaos again stalled the sporadic aid deliveries for desperate civilians in Gaza, where the UN has warned the population of 2.4 million is on the brink of famine and could face an "explosion" of child deaths.