Climate Talks Dubai: IMF Chief Calls For An End To 'Business As Usual' At COP28 Summit

The Head Of The International Monetary Fund has called for an end to "business as usual" ahead of the start of the COP28 Climate Talks and warned such a route was "not viable" if the world wants to manage global warming.

Speaking to Reuters as the annual U.N. event prepares to open in Dubai on Thursday Kristalina Georgieva said climate-damaging carbon emissions needed to fall between 25% and 50% by 2030 but pledges so far would only lead to a "meagre" 11% cut.

Georgieva said efforts to-date -- the World Bank, for example, could boost lending by $100 billion over a decade -- were very promising, because there is finally a determination to make the whole bigger than the sum of the individual parts.