Cipher Case: IHC Reserves Judgment On Intra-Court Appeal Against Jail Trial PTI Chairman

The Islamabad High Court has reserved judgment on the Intra-Court appeal against the jail trial of Chairman PTI and the appointment of a judge in the cipher case.

A two-member bench consisting of Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb and Justice Saman Rifat Imtiaz conducted the hearing.

The Attorney General Of Pakistan told the court that the prison trial of the PTI Chairman is an open trial. It is true that in the past the families of the accused were not allowed to watch the jail trial. The reason for this was that the room available to the court for the trial in the jail was very small and the capacity was limited. Now a single bench has already passed the order.

There is a Judicial order of the trial court judge regarding the jail trial. The Judge has written in the order sheet that if the trial is conducted in jail, it is a Judicial order. He told the court that guidelines for the open trial will be followed.

Earlier, Chairman PTI's lawyer Salman Akram Raja in his arguments said that all the proceedings of the jail trial in the cipher case so far are illegal.

He said that the notification of november 13 does not fulfill the legal requirements.

Justice mian gul hasan aurangzeb said that we had asked two questions from the registrar high court yesterday.

The registrar said that the process of appointing a judge was initiated by the islamabad high court.

It also said that the trial court judge informed the high court before the jail hearing.

After hearing the arguments, the court reserved its verdict. A short order is likely to be handed down today.