Besieged Gaza: Number Of Civilians Killed In Ongoing Israeli Aggression

Several civilians, including two journalists, were killed and others injured in Israeli airstrikes on different areas in the Gaza strip.

The occupation warplanes targeted the house of the Saud family inside the Bureij Refugee Camp, in the center of the strip, which led to the killing of a number of citizens and the injury of others, including children and women.

Journalist Alaa Taher Al-Hasanat was reportedly killed in an Israeli strike targeting her family's house in Gaza city.

Journalist Ayyat Khaddora was also killed in an Israeli shelling of her home in beit lahia in the Northern Strip.

Several civilians were also injured in Israeli air raids targeting the house of the Al-Sha’er Family East of Rafah, in the Southern Strip.

Meanwhile, doctors without borders said its staff are unable to evacuate from Al-Shifa Hospital while hundreds also remain trapped at the Indonesian Hospital after at least 12 people were killed in the hospital in an Israeli attack.