Libya Disaster, Death Toll From Flood Reach 20,000: Mayor

The final death toll from the devastating flash floods hitting Northeast Libya's Derna city one week ago may reach as high as 20,000.

The city's Mayor Abdulmenam Al-Ghaithi said, at present, Libyan domestic and international rescue forces are still doing their best to search for the bodies of victims and the missing, while the humanitarian aid work in the disaster areas is also underway.

The United Nations said the disaster has displaced more than 40,000 people in Libya, and that the actual number of the displaced is likely to be higher as the worst-hit areas, such as the city of Derna, have been placed under a health emergency and locked down.

In addition, secondary disasters after the floods are continuing to affect the North African country.

Local authorities confirmed that a total of 150 people have been poisoned by contaminated water in flood-hit areas.

According to Libyan media reports, at least 891 buildings in Derna were completely destroyed by the floods.

In addition, the floods have washed away land mines and other weapons left over from years of conflict, posing additional risks to victims.

Rescue forces from the international community are now actively participating in the rescue work.

In addition to the use of specialized equipment to detect and recover the bodies of the victims and search for the missing, humanitarian assistance for the affected population is also continuing.

Many countries and international organizations have responded to the Libyan government's appeal for emergency assistance by providing material and human support, including the dispatch of search and rescue teams, medical resources, food, daily necessities and other aids.