US, Iran Expected To Swap Prisoners Today, $6 Billion In Frozen Iranian Funds To Reach Qatar Monday: Tehran

Iran and the United States are expected to move forward today with a prisoner swap deal, once Tehran gains access to six billion dollars frozen by US Ally South Korea.

The deal struck between Washington and Tehran and mediated by Qatar last month will see five Americans and five Iranians returned to their home countries.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said the deal would go ahead today.

Kanaani said the funds frozen in South Korea would be in Iran's possession on Monday, which would trigger the swap of five U.S. Citizens detained in Iran for five Iranians held in the U.S.

Reuters says, under the carefully choreographed deal, the five Americans, with dual nationality are expected to leave Tehran and head to Qatar's Capital Doha and then from there fly to the United States, sources previously told Reuters.

In return, the five Iranians in the U.S. will be released so they can travel to Iran. However, Iranian officials and Iran's state News Agency have said one of those detainees is expected to remain in the United States.

The deal will also see some six billion dollars in Iranian oil revenue frozen in South Korea sent to a special account in Qatar.

Tehran will be able to access the money only for humanitarian purchases such as food and medicine, with us oversight.