PTI Resignations From NA: CJP Gives Another Chance

Chief Justice Of Pakistan Justice Umar Atta Bandiyal gives another chance to PTI leadership to reconsider their resignations from national assembly citing the current economic situation in the country.

The Supreme Court heard the case regarding en masse resignations by PTI members from National Assembly.

In his remarks during the hearing the chief justice said that people elected National Assembly members for a term of 5 years and PTI Leadership must consider the fact that the best place for them to perform is the parliament which is their constitutional duty.

The Chief Justice said that millions of people are homeless due to floods and the affectees are facing severe shortage of food, drinking water. Country is passing through difficult times and the international community is providing much needed help.

He said the PTI leadership must consider economic situation of the country as there is no possibility of holding elections on over 120 seats.

CJP said that the IHC Chief Justice Mr Justice Athar Minullah has given verdict after considering current situation.

The Chief Justice prorogued the hearing after these remarks.