MBS Regional Visit: Saudi Crown Prince Arrives In Turkey Today

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is arriving in turkey today amid a thaw in relations following frayed relations with Ankara.

Prince Salman is visiting the region ahead of United States President Joe Biden’s trip to the region next month.

In the first and second leg, he visited Cairo and Jordan in the start of this week.

The arrival of Saudi Crown Prince in Jordan marks the first such visit in more than five years by the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and comes at a time when Jordan’s economy is struggling with the economic knock-on effects of the Ukraine war and the covid-19 pandemic.

Business leaders and officials hope the visit will unblock at least $3bn of investment projects that Saudi Arabia committed to in recent years, but that never materialised.

Over the last few decades, Jordan and Saudi Arabia had close ties with the two monarchies cooperating on security issues and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. However, their relationship has grown strained.