PM'S 'Washington Post' Article : Pakistan Should Not Be Blamed For Outcome Of Afghan War

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan should not be blamed for the outcome of the war in Afghanistan.

In an article in the 'Washington Post', the Prime Minister siad he was surprised to see recent congressional hearings on Afghanistan.

He said no mention was made of Pakistan’s sacrifices as a U.S. Ally in the war on terror for more than two decades, instead, we were blamed for America’s loss.

The Prime Minister said since 2001, he has repeatedly warned that the Afghan war was unwinnable and post 9/11, the Mujahedeen’s of the past were declared terrorists overnight.

He said we fought for our survival and defeated terrorism due to best Army and intelligence apparatus.

The Prime Minister said successive Afghan governments after 9/11 lacked legitimacy in the eyes of Afghans.

He questioned that can Pakistan be blamed for the total surrender of 300, 000 Afghan Security Forces?

The Prime Minister said instead of accepting this reality, Afghan and Western governments and fake news generated from within india continued to blame Pakistan.

He said Pakistan offered biometric controls at border and joint border visibility despite baseless accusations and fenced border with Afghanistan from our own kitty/financial resources.