Cyber Security System Rs2B Being Released To Further Upgrade: Interior Minister

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that funds of two billion rupees are being released to further upgrade the cyber security system.

Addressing a News Conference In Islamabad, he said this will help induct technical people for the cyber security. He pointed out that there has been an increase in cyber threats with about one hundred thousand complaints received in his tenure.

The Interior Minister said it has also been decided to introduce e-passports in the country.

Sheikh Rashid said a summary is being forwarded to the federal cabinet for approval to add fifteen more countries in the list whose citizens will be provided with visas on arrival. He said these countries include the United States, Canada, France And Iran.

Sheikh Rashid said those behind cancellation of the visit of new zealand cricket team will be exposed.

As regards political situation, the interior minister said the PML (N) will face further fissures in its ranks in the days ahead.