A Joint Press Conference By PM Imran Khan And His Sri Lankan Counterpart

Pakistan and Sri Lanka agree to enhance cooperation in countering terrorism and make joint efforts for debt relief in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

The understanding reached during a joint press conference by Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Sri Lankan counterpart Mahinda Rajapaksa in Colombo after one-on-one and delegation-level talks.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, he directed the members of delegation to find means and ways to enhance trade and connectivity through CPEC that will help Sri Lanka to establish trading ties with Central Asia.

He said, the enhanced trading ties will bring both the countries together.

The Prime Minister said both the countries faced the common problem of terrorism as Pakistan lost over seventy thousand lives due to the menace.

He noted that Sri Lanka suffered terrorism for thirty years and expressed satisfaction that the country overcome the scourge with the help of Pakistan.

He said, the developed countries must help developing countries to get debt relief as they have suffered the most due to COVID 19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister stated that the pandemic exposed huge inequality in the world and called upon international bodies to step in to support poor countries.

He invited Sri Lankan Prime Minister Rajapaksa to visit Pakistan as the country offered the biggest Buddhist heritage in the world. Prime Minister Imran Khan said, Pakistan is planning to initiate projects to facilitate the pilgrimage at Buddhist holy sites.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for opening Budhist sites in Pakistan and lauded his efforts to end poverty.

He said, they agreed to enhance cooperation in different sectors including economy, trade investment, technology, defence and education.

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister said, the talks focused on important regional and international issues including impact COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Rajapaksa said, that they also agreed to pursue the framework Pakistan-Sri Lanka free trade agreement.