PM Addresses UN Summit On COVID-19

Prime Minister Imran Khan has proposed a ten-point agenda to world leaders to avert economic collapse due to the COVID-19 pandemic and called for debt suspension, drawing rights of 500 billion dollars and return of stolen assets stashed in rich countries.

He was addressing the U.N. General Assembly’s two-day special session, on the response to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and forge a united path forward to better recovery, including access to a vaccine.

He proposed a ten-point agenda for urgent action,

In his address, Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned Pakistan’s successful policy of “smart lockdowns” and said that so far their strategy has worked, but now the country was confronted with a far more aggressive second wave of the virus.

Terming the COVID-19 pandemic as the “most serious global crisis since the second world war,” the prime minister said the virus has infected nearly 65 million people and killed close to 1.5 million and the poorest countries and the poor in all the countries were suffering the most.

He hoped that whenever the vaccine was available, it would be offered to everyone.