Thailand Unrest : Hundreds Of Protesters Gather In Thai Capital, Defying Ban

Hundreds of Thai protesters gathered in defiance of a sweeping crackdown today after Authorities moved to crush months of pro-democracy demonstrations by imposing emergency powers and rounding up leading activists.

The protesters have called for premier Prayut Chan-o-Cha to step down, while some prominent activists have demanded reforms to the Kingdom's unassailable monarchy.

They chanted as they blocked off a major Bangkok intersection, watched on by hundreds of Riot Police.

The gathering comes the day after a tense Anti-government rally saw thousands gather to call for reforms to the Monarchy.

Thailand imposed "serious" emergency measures banning gatherings of more than four people in a bid to stop youth-led demonstrations that have been rocking the country since mid-July.

After the emergency measures were announced, Police moved to disperse protesters who stayed through the night outside government house and arrested 22 activists.