Suga Wins Japan's Ruling Party Leadership Race

Japan's next Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, said he wanted to continue with the policies of predecessor Shinzo Abe and push structural reforms while removing barriers between the bureaucracy.

Suga made the comments in a speech soon after he was overwhelmingly voted in as the next leader of the ruling liberal democratic party, which virtually assures him of becoming the next prime minister, given the party's majority in parliament.

Suga, 71, won 377 votes out of 534 votes cast, and 535 possible votes, in the liberal democratic party election by the party's members of parliament and representatives of its 47 local chapters.

Rival Shigeru Ishiba, a former Defence Minister, won 68 votes and Ex-foreign Minister Fumio Kishida got 89.

Suga is virtually certain to be elected prime minister in a parliamentary vote on Wednesday because of the LDP's majority in the lower house. He will serve out Abe's term as party leader through September 2021.