A+ Category Domestic Player Can Earn Over Rupees 3M: PCB

The new domestic cricket season begins on 30 September with a highly revamped pay structure for the cricketers, especially the category 'a' players.

Highest category players can now earn as high as 3.2 million rupees, up whooping 83 per cent from last season, provided the player features in all the 30 matches of national T20 Cup, Quaid-e-Azam trophy and Pakistan cup. The least a cricketer can earn is 1.8 million, still seven per cent higher compared to last season.

with each of the 10 A+ category players to receive pkr150,000 as monthly retainer for 12 months and a match fee of pkr40,000 for national T20 Cup and Pakistan Cup each, and pkr60,000 for Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, players maintaining and displaying high levels of professionalism throughout the season will be able to earn rupees 3.2 million. Reaching finals will bring even more spoils in the form of match fees and share in prize money.