Pakistan Opposes Any Attempt To Alter Geographical Status Of Jammu & Kashmir

Pakistan has expressed serious concern over the progressively deteriorating situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

The foreign office spokesman in a statement said, there is deepening anxiety and fear among the people of occupied Kashmir because of reports of deployment of additional thirty eight thousand Indian paramilitary forces in recent weeks.

The spokesman said, the advice to tourists, Yatris and students to immediately leave the occupied territory and messages urging people to store food supplies have stoked further apprehensions.

He noted that speculation mounted that the Indian authorities might attempt to alter the demographic structure in the occupied territory and to bring about a material change on the ground.

The statement said, Pakistan is strongly opposed to any move that would seek to alter the demographic structure or change the internationally-disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir.

He also made it clear that any such move would be in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and seriously endanger peace and security in the region.

Pakistan also rejected the self-serving Indian assertions of intelligence inputs about some imminent terrorist attack in occupied Kashmir as a justification for new deployments.

The statement said, the foreign minister has addressed letters to the UN Secretary General and the Presidents of UN Security Council and UN General Assembly drawing attention to the evolving situation in occupied Kashmir.

The heads of mission in Islamabad from the permanent members of the UN Security Council were also briefed on these serious developments and their implications for regional peace and security.

Pakistan called upon the international community to take immediate cognizance of the deteriorating situation in occupied Kashmir.