Panic In IoK After India Cancels Amaranth Yatra

Fear and confusion have gripped residents in occupied Kashmir after authorities issued an order, cancelling a Hindu pilgrimage and asking tourists to leave the disputed territory.

The order, issued on Friday by the Jammu and Kashmir state's government, says because of threats against the "Amarnath Yatra" and "the prevailing security situation, pilgrims and tourists should leave the region immediately.

Hundreds of stranded Amarnath Yatris in Jammu were left high and dry after advisory.

Some of the devotees complaint that this Yatra involves lot of challenges including health and law and order for many years but never in history they saw such forcibly curtailment of the pilgrimage.

Pilgrims are of the opinion that the authorities should make elaborate arrangements for them and allow the Yatra to continue till august 15.

The order, which came days after India deployed 10,000 additional troops in the occupied valley, triggered panic among the residents, who began to stockpile essential supplies, including food, medicines and fuel in anticipation that the situation may turn critical.