PM Announces Orakzai Development Projects

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed resolve to take special measures to uplift living standard of people in the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Addressing a public meeting in Orakzai District on Friday afternoon, he said development of the erstwhile FATA after its merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a priority of the PTI government.

The Prime Minister said the formerly tribal region of the country has been badly affected by the war on terror. He said the internally displaced families will be fully compensated.

Imran Khan said the youth of the tribal districts will be provided interest-free loan so that they can start their own businesses. He said tourism will be promoted and investment will be encouraged for exploration of mineral resources in the area.

The Prime Minister announced Sehat Insaf Card for every family of the tribal districts, providing each family free medical facility up to seven hundred and twenty thousand rupees.

Imran Khan said special attention will be paid on Madaris where 2.6 students are getting Islamic education. He said education of modern science will also be ensured in Madaris.

The Prime Minister said he had always opposed sending army to the tribal areas believing that the tribesmen themselves are unpaid soldiers of the country.

He prayed for early peace in Afghanistan and said that peace in Afghanistan will help promote trade between the two countries.

Speaking about economic condition of the country, the Prime Minister said the country's debt increased from six thousand billion rupees to thirty thousand billion rupees during the last ten years.

With the increase in loan of the country, he said, the assets of Zardari and Sharif families also piled up. He said the country has to pay six thousand billion rupees as interest on debt daily.

He said now as these corrupt rulers are being held accountable, they try to use democracy as shield.

Referring to the reshuffle in the federal cabinet, the Prime Minister said his only objective is betterment of the country and its people, and for the purpose, he will continue making changes in his team whenever required.