PM Launches Online Visa Regime

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the online visa regime at a ceremony in Islamabad to promote tourism and investments into the country.

Addressing the ceremony the Prime Minister said issuing of online visa is a major step towards bringing real change as it will open the country to the outside world.

Imran Khan it also shows that Pakistan is a peaceful and stable country and open to the world for business and tourism.

He said the mindset regarding the allowing of foreigners into the country needs to be changed in order to portray a positive image of Pakistan to the world.

The Prime Minister said the beautiful region of Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan is twice the size of Switzerland and there are still many unexplored areas in the area.

The Prime Minister said a task force on tourism will make sure that proper facilities are provided to the tourists.

He said the skiing resorts of Pakistan are unique in the world due to their topography.