Massive Winter Storm Hits The U.S

A massive winter storm hits the U.S. Rockies and plains then punched east, with snow set to assault a 1,800-mile corridor through the weekend, creating transportation "Havoc" in the middle of the country.

The system started as rain from Mexico and turned to snow as it met icy air.

The national weather service said up to 18 inches of snow is expected in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains South of Denver.

As the storm heads east, up to 16 inches of snow is likely in western Missouri and ST. Louis.

Areas to the east could get about 6 inches with ice developing in Kansas, and Arkansas, and up to 4 inches of snow in Washington, D.C., before the system heads out to sea.

More than fourteen hundred flight cancellations and over thirteen thousand delays were reported with problems at snow-hit airports.