Pakistan's Economy Has Improved During Last Four Months: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan is facing numerous problems, including poor economy and foreign debt.

But the government will meet all these challenges with effective economic policies.

In an interview with "TRT World", he said Pakistan's economy has improved during last four months.

The Prime Minister said we take pride in our brotherly relations with turkey. And we will take this relationship to new heights.

Speaking on Pakistan-India relations the Prime Minister said Pakistan has always made offers for dialogue, which New Delhi has often refused.

He said India is involved in human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir, but it will never be successful in suppressing the freedom movement of the Kashmiris.

To a question, the Prime Minister said Pakistan wants relations with the US on the basis of equality, and we are ready to become an ally with the USA for peace in Afghanistan.

He said there is no military solution to the Afghanistan issue. Dialogue is the only solution.