Taliban Attacks Kill At Least 30 Security Forces In Farah Province

Major assaults by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan’s western province of Farah bordering Iran, mounted with the aim of weakening the government’s grip on the region, have killed at least 30 Afghan security forces.

The Taliban have ramped up attacks in strategic provinces in their battle to expel foreign forces, topple the western-backed government.

The latest attack comes four days after the Taliban killed 50 police and soldiers at checkpoints in Farah city and nearby districts.

A spokesman for the interior ministry in Kabul, said unfortunately, many of our men have lost their lives in Farah.

He said more than 30 policemen had been killed since Wednesday and additional forces were being deployed.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the clashes in Farah, which are widely seen as forming part of their strategy to step up battlefield pressure while seeking a political settlement with the United States.