FO Spokesperson News Briefing

Foreign Office spokesperson says Aasia Bibi is at safe location in Pakistan.

At a weekly news briefing in Islamabad Dr Muhamad Faisal said after Supreme Court's verdict Aasia is a free citizen of Pakistan.

He regretted that a section of media acted in highly irresponsible manner and made banner headlines about the so called "departure" of Asia Bibi abroad.

He said it is a very sensitive issue having religious and legal repercussions and utmost restraint should be exercised to this matter.

The spokesperson said Pakistan has taken note of the first "deterrence" patrol of the Indian nuclear submarine and the self-congratulatory messages in India.

He said this development marks the first actual deployment of ready to fire nuclear warheads in South Asia which is a matter of concern not only for the Indian ocean littoral states but also for the international community at large.

To a question, Dr. Mohammad Faisal expressed grave concern over unabated atrocities by the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir.

He said Indian forces are acting in complete immunity under draconian laws and there are no legal rights for the number of Kashmiri inmates languishing in Indian jails.

In reply to a question about Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the spokesperson said Pakistan has raised this issue very effectively with the united states during us envoy Alice Wells' recent visit to Islamabad.

He said he would share information with the media when there is a substantial development on the matter.