First Muslim Women In Congress

Two democrats Ilhan Oimar and Rashida Tlaib made history in Minnesota and Michigan respectively as the first Muslim women elected to US Congress.

They secure their respective seats in strongly democratic districts following primary victories earlier this year that effectively decided their races.

Tlaib is endorsed by the democratic socialists of America, a burgeoning left-wing group.

Oimar, in addition to being one of the first Muslim women in congress, will also be the first Somali-American member.

She came to the US more than two decades ago as a refugee.

Omar will come to congress having been an open critic of the Israeli government's treatment of Palestinians.

Tlaib is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and became the first Muslim female member of Michigan's state legislature a decade ago.

A self-styled progressive, Tlaib is a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and was arrested two years ago for disrupting a trump speech in Detroit.