Cyclone ‘Titli’ Makes Landfall In India’s Eastern Coast

Cyclone 'Titli" barreled into the Southeast Cost of India and made landfall in Eastern Odisha State.

It lashed on the coastal town of Gopalpur and brought with it growling winds and a lot of despair to the locals.

At least 300,000 people have been evacuated from the low lying areas of five coastal districts in Odisha State.

To make it a zero casualty event, evacuation was started from the low lying areas of Gopalpur.

A state administrative officer Digant Rautre said we have kept them in cyclone shelters and in schools.

The bay of Bengal often witnesses cyclones at this time of year, and some have led to widespread death and destruction. The state of Odisha was last month hit by the low-intensity cyclone Daye.