Helping Women To Get To Formula One

A new all-female racing series was launched supported by former grand prix driver David Coulthard and top designer Adrian Newey, with the aim of helping women racers get to Formula One.

No woman has competed in formula one since 1976 but organizers of the 'w series' hope to provide a platform for them to develop skills before taking on the men further up the motorsport ladder.

With a planned start in May 2019, the series said it will offer a prize fund of $1.5 million and free entry for 18-20 competitors who will be selected purely on merit after tests and appraisals.

The overall winner will collect $500,000, with prize money down to 18th place.

Organizers said they aimed to stage six 30-minute races at top circuits in Europe, most of which were past formula one venues, with identical 1.8 litre formula three cars.

Future seasons would see the series expand to America, Asia and Australia.