Islamabad Literary Festival Begins Today

The Fifth Islamabad Literary Festival to begin today with focus on celebrating 70 years of Literature in Pakistan. The festival will be held at a local hotel in Islamabad.

Some 150 speakers will be taking part in the festival, including foreigners. Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, Aitzaz Ahsan, Anwar Maqsood, I.A. Rehman, Kishwar Naheed, Nafisa Shah and Sherry Rehman will be among the speakers.
Amardeep Singh and A.G. Noorani from India, David Waterman from France, Elisa Jori from Italy and Charles Kennedy from the US are some of the international writers attending the three-day event.

This year’s festival will include some new sessions as well as English Mushairas, Dance Performances and sessions conducted in Pashtu and Punjabi. The dramatic readings will include a presentation of Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa Jawab-i-Shikwa, where the Shikwa will be read out and the Jawab-i-Shikwa will be sung.