Senate Standing Committee On Interior Meets

slamabad with Senator Rehman Malik in the Chair.

The Committee was briefed on the arrangements for July 25 General Elections and Security Measures.

Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Babar Yaqoob Fateh told the Committee that a total of 85,307 polling Stations will be set up across the Country.

Twenty Thousand Polling Stations have been declared Sensitive where CCTV Cameras would be installed inside and outside.

Babar Yaqoob said for the first time water mark ballot papers, imported from Europe would be used in the polls.

He said Ballot Papers for Balochistan Province have been dispatched through Planes and Helicopters.

The Secretary informed that a total of 105 Million People are Eligible for Vote.

He told the Committee that a Special Software would be installed in the cell phones of returning Officers who will transmit the results to the Election Commission using this Technology.

He said International Observers mostly from European Union and Commonwealth will review the Elections.

Secretary ECP told the Committee that Security is a Major issue and our polling staff and returning officers face Security Threat.

He said four Hundred Thousand Police Personnel and three hundred fifty thousand army Troops will perform Duty on polling Day.

Polling Staff comprising seven hundred thousand Personnel will perform Duty on the same day.

Babar Yaqoob said the movement of all polling and Security Personnel is a huge Challenge.

The Secretary said major Security Threats are in Balochistan.

He said for the first time code of conduct has been devised for the Security Personnel. All Army Troops will work under the concerned Presiding Officer.

National Coordinator NACTA Dr. Suleman Khan in his briefing told the Committee that 65 Security Alerts had been received so far and they were issued to all Political Parties.