SC Orders Musharraf To Return Till 2:00 PM On June 14

Supreme Court has ordered the former President General Retired Pervez Muharraf to return to the country by 2PM today. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said "the verdict will be announced in compliance with the law upon Musharraf's failure to follow the orders.

The order was given by a three-member bench led by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar in Lahore.

The apex court noted that it was not bound to comply with any conditions set forth by Musharraf.

The supreme had summoned Musharraf on June 13 in connection with his petition against the Peshawar High Court verdict in 2013 for his lifetime disqualification and assured him that he would not be arrested from the airport till the court premises.

The court remarked that the former dictator must return by Thursday or else the verdict will be announced as per the law.

The court added they are not liable to fulfill Musharraf’s conditions for his return and observed that ample security has been promised to him.

The bench also questioned what Musharraf was afraid of as he has been given ample assurances by the apex court.

The court had also allowed Returning Officers to receive Musharraf's nomination papers but made it clear that acceptance of his papers would be subject to the outcome of the judgment in this case.

Musharraf's lawyer had informed the court that his client was willing to face the treason charges if he was given the guarantee to be protected.

He said his client is ill and a medical board has to examine him. To this, the chief justice responded that the court would order the constitution of a medical board.

Chief justice remarked "Musharraf can come back to Pakistan in an air ambulance, and we will order the constitution of a medical board."

The lawyer had contended that Musharraf's nomination papers were rejected in light of the Sindh High Court verdict. He had argued that the verdict had been announced in his client's absence and requested the court to restore his client's candidature.