National Assembly's Session

The National has passed all the demands for grants pertaining to different Ministries and Departments for the next Fiscal Year.

Today the House passed twenty demands for grants.

These related to Human Rights Division, industries and production, Department of Investment Promotion and Supplies, Inter Provincial Coordination, Kashmir Affairs, Law and Justice Division, Narcotics Control, Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Postal Services Division, Pakistan Post Office, Privatization Division, Pakistan Railways, Fata, Statistics division and Water Resources Division.

No cut Motion was moved by the opposition parties on these demands for grants.

At the beginning of the Session the house offered Fateha for Military Intelligence Officer Colonel Sohail Abid who embraced Martyrdom in a gunfight with terrorists in Balochistan on Wednesday and the Palestinian Protestors who were Martyred by Israeli Forces in Gaza.

Later, the National Assembly Session was adjourned till 10 Am Tomorrow.