Senate Session

Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid said that the list containing the names of Parliamentarians having alleged links with the banned outfits was fake and fabricated.

The list was initially telecast by a news Channel.

Speaking in the Senate, the Minister said his name was also included in the list.

The Intelligence Bureau had already issued its denial.

He added that the alleged letter of Prime Minister House directing to make the list was also fake and incorrect.

The Prime Minister had already clarified the issue in the National Assembly and Lawmakers were satisfied with his statement.
Earlier, leader of the opposition in Senate Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan raised the issue saying that the Anchorperson was allegedly being victimized on making public the alleged LB list.

He said that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority was also threatening the Anchorperson.

The House also adopted a motion on the anomalous position in the country arising from the possibility of Appointment of Persons disqualified from being elected to the Parliament as office Bearers of Political Parties.

On this Law Minister Zahid Hamid said that the Election Bill 2017 have become Law after passage through both Houses of Parliament and no motion can undo the provision provided by the Law.

The Senate is prorogued.