Review Petitions Of Panama Papers Case Verdict

The five-member bench of the Supreme Court began hearing into former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's review petition against Panama verdict with his lawyer arguing that his client should not be disqualified under article 62 (1) F of the constitution.

Presenting his arguments against July 28th verdict in Panama case, Khawaja Harris said a complete mechanism is given in representation of peoples act for hiding assets.

He contended that Supreme Court took away the right of appeal from the petitioner by directly disqualifying him without following the process given in the law.

Khawaja Harris argued that Supreme Court could have declared the elections as void instead of disqualification for non-disclosure of receivables in his nomination papers.

Former prime minister's counsel said the issue of receivables from Capital FZE was not even raised in the petition.

At the start of proceedings, Khawaja Harris questioned the constitution of a five member bench when 2 of the judges had already given their decision on 20th April.

He said it is unprecedented that 2 judges sat twice to decide on the same petitions.

Khawaja Harris further argued that the same two judges signed the final verdict based on facts which they were not part of.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa observed that it is a common practice that even dissenting judges sign the final court order.

He further added that the reasons for disqualification were different but the conclusion in the final judgment was same.

The bench adjourned the hearing till tomorrow. Khawaja Harris will continue his arguments.