Ali Baba Launches Facial Recognition Payment System

Ali Baba has launched its facial recognition payment system into a fast food restaurant in Hangzhou city of China.

The facial-recognition payment system, named "Smile to Pay", opened to the public.

It enables consumers to pay without using any cash, bank card or mobile devices.

A consumer who has an Alipay account can link their Alipay account with their face by staring at a smile to pay's 3d webcam, which will take a picture and scan the consumer's facial information.

It is a comprehensive system, which fully ensures that no false identification will occur.

Meanwhile, it can also avoid problems such as forged photos, videos or software.

This form of facial recognition payment has met the financial-grade safety standards. Standing in front of the machine, a person, no matter what they are wearing, whether it is heavy makeup or wig, or standing in the crowd, can be recognized.