Remembering Pakistan's First Test Captain A.H. Kardar

Today marks the twenty-first death anniversary of Pakistan’s first test captain Abdul Hafeez Kardar.

Having attined test status in 1952, under Kardar, Pakistan registered a win against all test playing nations by 1958.

Born in Lahore in 1925, he was among the three players who represented India then Pakistan in test cricket.

Among his most famous achievements were away test victories against India in 1952, and 1954 victory against England at oval.

Featuring in 26 tests, Kardar scored 927 runs and picked 21 wickets.

As head of Pakistan Cricket Board from 1972 to 1977, he helped modernize cricket - with improved facilities and team selections.

Abul Hafeez Kardar also authored 11 books.

He passed away on April 21 1996 in Lahore.