India-China Tensions

India has stepped up logistics for soldiers in Ladakh as New Delhi says border dispute with Beijing still remains unresolved.

Thousands of Indian and Chinese troops backed by tanks and aircraft are locked in an uneasy stalemate along a 70 km-long front to the south of the Pangong Lake.

In June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand fighting with Chinese troops in the area. Both sides had agreed to pull back after that clash, but the tensions continue.

According to Indian media soldiers from both sides fired 100 to 200 rounds of "warning shots" on the north bank of Pangong Lake in early September.

The confrontation also took place days before foreign ministers of both countries met in Moscow on September 10 and agreed to defuse tensions at the line of actual control in Ladakh.

Indian Defense Minister on Tuesday told lower house of the parliament that border dispute with china still remains unresolved.

He said India has doubled the budget for vital roads and bridges along the undemarcated border with china in recent years in response to what he said Beijing's rapid infrastructure development on its side.