Head Of Japanese NGO Killed In Afghanistan

The head of a Japanese NGO along with his four bodyguards and driver was killed in an attack in Eastern Afghanistan this morning.

A spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province said that Dr. Testsu Nakamura, the head of Peace Japan Medical Services was travelling in his vehicle in Jalalabad City when gunmen opened fire on his vehicle.

The bodyguards and the driver were killed instantly while Dr Nakamura was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. However, he also succumbed to his injuries.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to Afghanistan' Tolonews Dr. Nakamura had worked for more than a decade in the province and was recently awarded honorary Afghan citizenship by President Ghani.

Nakamura began aid work in Peshawar in 1984 and later his organization established a hospital in the city in 1998 as the group's permanent base for medical programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.