Advisor To PM Addresses Media Persons

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the opposition's all party conference and call for agitation would prove a fiasco as the people of Pakistan have already rejected their negative politics of traditional politicians who played havoc with the national economy and ruined institutions.

Addressing the media persons after inaugurating an educational exposition , she said that people of Pakistan were fully aware that present economic crisis was created due to bad governance of the previous rulers and they would never buy the narrative of opposition.

She said the friendly countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and China have extended support to Pakistan to come out of current challenges.

She said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was stressing the promotion of quality education in the country as higher education was vital to meet the challenges of modern times.

She said that the PTI government has made education as top most priority and prime ministry was striving to improve basic educational structure and improve facilities.

The Special Assistant said that Prime Mister wants to transform Pakistan on the pattern of state of media and revolutionize educational system as Muslims made great strides in fields of science and technology but later they lost way and other nations took advantage from the principles of the holy Quran made progress.