Faisal Rehman Malik

Faisal Rehman Malik started his career from Indus Television Network way back in 2001. Being an anchor person he has hosted over 2000 talk shows on almost all the issues ranging from politics, business, sports, social and international in English as well as Urdu language. Faisal has not only read but also scripted the business news segment in Indus News and in PTV (introduced the business news and the business talk shows). Pioneer to start a show on the capital markets in 2002. Launched News One, and delivered quality programming and production from Islamabad. Worked as a Bureau Chief in News One Islamabad and covered almost all the major issues and events. Conducted major telethons and transmissions in Pakistan Television. Produced, scripted, directed and anchored more than a dozen documentaries in various channels. Hosted shows on all the business, economics and finance related issues at the highest level. Interviewed almost all the local personalities including the Prime Ministers and the Presidents. He was awarded the best anchor by the Department of Indus TV in 2003. He has worked as an intern with Bloomberg, and CNN, and always on .goingon.com, while residing in the United States of America. Represented Pakistan in the 17th Geneva Convention of Human Rights in 2011 and delivered three statements for Pakistan on the floor of the house. Faisal Rehman Malik holds a master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing and management he also did a diploma in Innovation Journalism from Stanford University California. He has traveled widely, horse riding and dog breeding are his passions. His message to my fans is to love their country and make it a better place to live and follow the dream of our great founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.