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  1. Ref No. PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1315 Purchase Enquiry regarding AC Units 02 Ton Split Type, PTV News Islamabad 06/06/2015
  2. Ref No. EEM/PTV H/186 Tender Notice regarding Repairing of 300KVAR LT PFI Plant, PTV Sports Islamabad 08/06/2015
  3. Ref No. KTV/ADMN/24/38 Purchase Enquiry Regarding Re-filling, maintenance and repairing of Fire Extinguisher and Purchase Enquiry of Computer System for PTV-National, Karachi 13/06/2015
  4. Ref No.PTV-P/Ps-1110/04 Purchase Enquiry Regarding Wood Partal Cut Size for Design DepartmentTender Notice regarding Repairing of 300KVAR LT PFI Plant, PTV Sports Islamabad 30/05/2015
  5. Ref No. PTV-P/RE/Colony/Distemp 10 Marla/2014-15 Purchase Enquiry regarding Distempering Work inside 10 Marla houses at PTV-staff colony, PTV Peshawar 10/06/2015
  6. Ref No. PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1314 Purchase Enquiry regarding Fabrication of Blower Fan, PTV News Islamabad 04/06/2015
  7. Ref No. 375/Admin-2015/3769 Tender Notice regarding Civil Work, PTV News Islamabad 01/06/2015
  8. Ref No. PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1307 Purchase enquiry regarding Surveillance ear piece with transparent acoustic tube, PTV News Islamabad 30/05/2015
  9. Ref No. PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1308 Purchase Enquiry Regarding SMD Screens PTV News Islamabad 30/05/2015
 10. Ref:-QTV/AD/PUR/03/3123 Purchase Enquiry Regarding Refilling of Fire Extinguishers 05/06/2015
 11. Ref.No.ENG/PLG/D-757-F/1377 Technical and Financial Proposals for optical fiber connectivity VVIP venues to PTV News Centre Islamabad 12/06/2015
 12. Ref.No.PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1301 Purchase Enquiry regarding Split AC Units 02 Ton, PTV News Centre 26/05/2015
 13. Ref.No.ENG/ADMN/DEP-1/38 Short Tender Notice for procurement installation and commissioning of 02 Air Cooled Water Chillers, PTV Multan Centre 27/05/2015
 14. Ref.No.HQ(U)-Admin/101/516/2656 Purchase Enquiry regarding repairing of official Honda Civic Car 26/05/2015
 15. Ref.No.HQ(U)-Admin/101/391/2654 Purchase Enquiry regarding repairing of official Mitsubishi Pick-up Double Cabin 26/05/2015
 16. Ref :QTV/AD/PUR/03/2400 Purchase Enquiry regarding makeup items, PTV Center Quetta 27/05/2015
 17. Ref :PTV-News/ES-06/2015/1290

Purchase Enquiry regarding Audio Cable and Misc Connectors, PTV News Islamabad

 18. Ref No. ENG/INST/C-88/1811

Purchase Enquiry regarding Construction of RCC Foundation, PTV HQ Islamabad

 19. Ref No. HQ(U)-Admin/113-Clean/3/2207

Purchase Enquiry regarding Dry cleaning of official articles, PTV HQ Islamabad

 20. Ref No. HQ-(u)-Admin/196-BLG/1/2280

Purchase Enquiry regarding water proofing of roof, PTV HQ Islamabad

 21. Ref : EM-16B/LP-15/551

Work Enquiry regarding providing and replacement of damaged 3mm thick vinyl flooring sheet, PTV Karachi

 22. Ref : ENG/PLG/D-747-B/1368

Tender Notice regarding Multi-format IRD Ericsson RX8200, PTV HQ Islamabad





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