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  1. Ref. No. ENG/PLG/B-371/4690 Purchase Enquiry regarding construction of Acoustic sound proof studio, PTV HQ 24/05/2016
  2. Ref. No. PTV-L/ED-101/5385 Tender Notice for renovation/repair and maintenance of studious, PTV Lahore Center 28/05/2016
  3. Ref. No. CES-HQ/LP/2015-16/466 Purchase Enquiry regarding Dehydration of Oil, PTV HQ Islamabad 24/05/2016
  4. Ref. No. PTV-N/ES-06/2016/1790 Purchase Enquiry regarding DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, PTV News Center 19/05/2016
  5. Ref. No. ENG/RBS/TDR/MCE-3/1776 Tender Notice for "Top Overhauling of 220KVA Diesel Generator of RBS Tando Allahyar 18/05/2016
  6. Ref. No.HQ(U)Admn(Pur)/60/2398 Work Enquiry regarding Fire Extinguishers , PTV HQ Islamabad 18/05/2016
  7. Ref. No. 324/TR/2016-Admn/503/3057 Tender Notice regarding Repairing of Engine , PTV News Center 16/05/2016
  8. Ref. No. 375/Admin-2016/3053 Tender Notice regarding Auction Old Material , PTV News Center 21/05/2016
  9. Ref. No. 375/Admin-2016/3052 Tender Notice regarding Auction Old Material , PTV News Center 21/05/2016
 10. Ref. No. 375/Admin-2016/3051 Purchase Enquiry regarding Civil Work, PTV News Center 16/05/2016
 11. Ref. No. ENG/INST/C-88/225(coorrigendum) Prequalification notice for construction of RCC and installation of antenna panels, Mian Channu 18/05/2016
 12. Ref. No. ENG/DFA Ch./PTV Pesh/2016/404 An advertisement for "HVAC Consultant Required" for the project of Peshawer regarding Supply and Installation of DFA Chiller.  11/05/2016
 13. Ref. No. 375/Admin-2016/3048 Purchase Enquiry regarding Chairs, PTV News Center Islamabad 14/05/2016
 14. Ref. No. AJKTV/Admin(12)/2016/585 Tender Notice for the installation of Earthing System , AJK TV Center 13/05/2016
 15. Ref. PTV-P/RE/pointing/2015-16/roof treatment/717 Tender Notice regarding repairing of roof treatment/pointing work , PTV Peshawar 16/05/2016
 16. Ref. No.ENG/PLG/B-371/4637  Purchase of 2 -Ton Split Air Conditioner , PTV HQ Islamabad 03/05/2016
 17. Ref.No. CES-HQ/LP-2015-16/428/429 Tender Notice regarding Purchase of 3 pannel 11 KV VCB's switch, PTV HQ Islamabad 04/05/2016
 18. Ref. No.ENG/RBS/SJB/MCE-3 Tender Notice regarding Repair and maintenance of 213kva diesel generator, PTV HQ Islamabad 03/05/2016
 19. Ref. No.ENG/AC-EQPT/H|Q/07/392 Prequalification tender notice for the supply and installation of 220 Ton Direct Fired Absorption Chiller at PTV Peshawar 04/05/2016




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